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6 Steps to Sexier Bathtub Intercourse along with your Man!

6 Steps to Sexier Bathtub Intercourse along with your Man!

4. Keep Lube readily available

So it’s a good idea to keep lube on hand when you want to penetrate with fingers, a penis or even toys in the tub while it might not make sense at first, water can actually dry you out. Water-based lube will actually wash away using the water in your bath tub, therefore try to find a slick silicone lube, which you yourself can readily get in pharmacies and masturbator stores. Silicone lube can additionally increase being a therapeutic therapeutic massage oil in the event! More about lube right here.

5. Then Include Bubbles

Bubble bath makes cleaning get from absolutely essential to an enjoyable time, plus it’s true together with your partner, too. Select a bubble shower in a scent that is yummy gets you within the mood for just a little aromatherapy, too. Should you want to then include bubbles but don’t have any bubble shower, just a little human anatomy clean or shampoo can perform the secret, too!

6. Prepare Warm Towels

Here’s something extra you are able to do to produce your intercourse when you look at the tub experience better still: warm your towels when you look at the dryer before establishing them at your fingertips associated with bath tub.